Arkansas Regional Coalition of the Ouachitas Arkansas Regional Coalition of the Ouachitas serves Scott, Polk, and Montgomery counties or it may be best to say "west-central Arkansas" to drive economic develop and tourism.
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Arkansas Regional Coalition of the Ouachitas


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Membership Information We now offer 7 levels of memberships to help us meet our mission to promote and advance sustainable prosperity to our region. These membership help us to meet our financial obligations in this mission. Our broad-based development includes economic, community, educational and leadership initiatives. Our memberships do come with some benefits. Those benefits are: Advertising benefits   Founder Member Level will have adverstisement placed on all pages of the ARCO website in the header…
The Arkansas Regional Coalition of the Ouachitas (ARCO) continues gaining momentum in their efforts to take a proactive approach to attracting business and industry to rural west-central Arkansas. While many towns and rural communities across Arkansas continue experiencing business closures, this group is actually implementing tools to tackle the problem of a struggling global economy head-on. During their January meeting held at Mena Mountain Resort in Mena, Ark. the group launched their new website…
The Regional Coalition is structured to have four pillar groups for the effective operation of business. They are: Economic Development Pillar Group Educational Development Pillar Group Community Development Pillar Group Leadership Development Pillar Group We have further developed two committees, each with various subcommittees. Business Committee Marketing Committee
Arkansas Regional Coalition of the Ouachitas: Chair: Gar Eisele Vice Chair: Treasurer:John Vacca Recorder: Sherry Johnston Advisor: Dr. Otto Loewer Planning Group: All members   Board of Directors: Montgomery County - Emilie Kinney, Sherry Ellison, Pat Smith, Amy Monk, Derwood Brett, Laura Relic Polk County- Gar Eisele, Maureen Keese, John Vacca, Carla Vaught Scott County- Sherry Johnston, Marion Mathis, Shaun Rhoads
T o preserve, promote, and enjoy the quality of life and natural beauty of west central Arkansas while optimizing opportunities for present and future generations.
To lead in promoting and advancing sustainable prosperity and well being for the people of west central Arkansas through broad-based development including economic, community, educational and leadership initiatives.

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